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With years of experience in hosting and managing events, we bring to you the perfect combination of expertise, state-of-the-art facility, and customised services to host a successful event.

GMR Convention Centre was developed with an aim to provide a world-class conference venue.

The Convention Centre is one of the finest luxury banquets in Telangana with the latest facilities, well-manicured lawns, and state-of-the-art functionality. Located at a 5-minutes drive from the Hyderabad International Airport, the venue covers 80,000 sq ft of outdoor area along with the Arena that is spread over a space of 15 acres. The banquet hall at the centre is embellished with stunning interiors & facilities along with a 45,000 sq ft pillarless space that can be customised according to the needs of the event.

By hosting some of the nation’s best events such as Sunburn Festival, Concert by DJ Snake & DJ Claw, every event hosted at GMR Arena comes with a promise of giving our event organizers, conference delegates, and our guests an incredibly overwhelming event experience.


We at GMR Arena understand the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability and are committed to following best practices to give it back to our planet and the society at large. Here are some of our sustainability initiatives

  • Reducing the consumption of water within the convention centre
  • Minimizing the level of waste generated by maximizing recycling
  • Monitoring and managing our use of energy
  • Ensuring that our employees and partners exercise their environmental responsibilities
  • Assessing our performance regularly and adopting methods in improving our services without compromising on environmental sustainability
  • Incorporating sustainability in all our operational parameters
Why GMR Convention Centre?

    The Convention Centre has hosted some of the country’s best events and with every event proved that it is truly an impeccable venue for conferences, conventions, corporate meetings, expositions, award ceremonies, private parties, wedding & corporate events. Located 5 minutes away from Hyderabad International Airport and 30 minutes away from the city Centre, the venue gives you the flexibility to create and customize the event of your choice. Spread across 80,000 sq ft area of outdoor space including lawns and 45,000 sq ft of indoor area, the magnificent venue has a strategic location in the outskirts of the city near the Hyderabad International Airport offering world-class services to host an event unlike any.

    GMR Arena

    The size, location and capabilities of the GMR Arena makes it stand out. The spectacular outdoor space of GMR Arena is an added charm that makes it a perfect setting for starlit events. The beautifully manicured lawn is huge and serves as the dream location for fairy tale weddings and tantalizing music concerts.

    GMR Convention Centre

    The Convention Centre’s banquet hall combines the best of both - modern technology and contemporary interiors to deliver an all-encompassing luxurious indoor event experience.

    The completely customizable venue includes the decor, set-up, and menus that are tailor-made according to the needs and event type.

Stylish Banquet Hall

We have spaces for small and large-scale banquets, that can be customised to suit your event.

VIP Waiting Lounge

Exclusive waiting lounge area for VIP and special guests.

Independent Kitchen Area

Enjoy the luxury of our Independent kitchen that is here to cook some of the country’s best delicacies.

Exclusive Parking Space

Events hosted at the Convention Centre, enjoy an exclusive & dedicated parking space.

Hospitality at Novotel Hotel

The Centre comes with stylish and comfortable hospitality at Novotel.

VIP Parking Area

Get your special guest(s) parking area that is as special as them.

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